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OpenLDAP upgrade

I am trying to upgrade an OpenLDAP 2.1.25 (with Berkeley DB 4.2) instance to 2.2.17. I have a ldap meta which gives a consolidated view of two other OpenLDAP instances. This has been running in Production for 6 months. When I upgraded all the instances the individual instances upgraded ok. The Meta instance however is unable to show the consolidated view. I get the err 32 (No such Object).
However the individual Ldaps do not throw err=32 but they return the entries ok.
Thanks for the help!
Girija Parvate

Here is the slapd.conf file
database    meta
lastmod off
suffix      "dc=abc,dc=org"
rootdn  	"cn=rootdn,dc=abc,dc=org"
rootpw	password

uri "ldap://ldaphost:port1/dc=abc,dc=org";
map attribute * *
map objectclass * *

uri "ldap://ldaphost:port2/ou=dept1,dc=abc,dc=org";
map attribute * *
map objectclass * *