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Re: the permission wrong of the database which created by slapindex.

Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
After that i found all the db files created by slapindex belongs to 

Of course.


But i think it should not belong to root instead of ldap.

Yes: chown ldap.ldap /var/lib/ldap/*

My OpenLDAP database would often change. So i have to run the command slapindex daily.
Or anyother ideas ? I am not clearly now.

So i try to run this command with the user ldap. But i found that ldap 
even could not login in gentoo default setting.

Normal.  The ldap user does not have and does not need a shell.

Oh. i see.

What's the correct user i should use when run the command "slapindex" or 
is there anything else i have lost?

You simply need to fix the permissions on the files before starting the

Maybe i could not got your mean. :-(

Best regards