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rootdn entry

Dear folks,

i have just started using openldap and it works fine until now. But
since i am in the very beginning of my relationship with it, i have
plenty of doubts.

The manual for slapd.conf says that rootdn may or may not be
associated with a entry; so some questions arise:

0) How may i detect if it associated or not?
1) How may i detect if it is within a namingcontext ?

Here is my slapd.conf:

# Global Configuration

gentlehup       on

include         /asd/etc/openldap/schema/core.schema

loglevel        128
pidfile         /asd/var/run/slapd.pid
sasl-host       etosha.fesv.br
sasl-realm      VITORIA.ESTACIO
sasl-secprops   noplain,maxbufsize=8192

backend bdb

database bdb
suffix  "dc=fesv,dc=br"
rootdn  "cn=root,dc=fesv,dc=br"

directory /asd/var/oldap-bdb
index objectClass eq
index cn        eq,pres