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replica and ssl

Today I was thinking about replica and ssl.

When you copy the information from a master to a slave server how is the information moved? I mean, for I store password in a ldap server, should I do something special to protect them while they're replicated?

I've always configured the slave with something similar to

rootdn  "cn=admin,dc=qualcosa"
rootpw  "passwordcopia"

updatedn "cn=admin,dc=qualcosa"
updateref "ldap://serveroriginale";

and the master with something like

replogfile      /var/lib/ldap/replog

replica host=servercopia:389 binddn="cn=admin,dc=qualcosa"
        bindmethod=simple credentials=passwordcopia

Should I use something like host=ldaps://servercopia:636 in them amster and updateref "ldaps://serveroriginale:636" in the slave to use ssl and be secure?

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