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Re: AW: Openldap and Thunderbird


First of all: Tnaks for your quick answer!

Can anyone tell me, how this structure should look like?
Which entries are needed so Thunderbird will show the record?
Has anyone experiences using Openldap and thunderbird?

You don't give much information there. An LDIF dump of your current
tree might help...
I mean, I can't tell you what's wrong with your without ever having seen it. =)

ok. This is like the entries look like:

dn: cn=Marcos Bobzin,ou=customer,dc=semafor,dc=ch
objectclass: top
objectclass: person
objectclass: organizationalPerson
objectclass: semaforCustomer
customerNumber: 1018
sn: Bobzin
cn: Marcos Bobzin
externalMail: frank-marcos.bobzin@buhlergroup.com
customerCompany: Bühler AG

To your information:
I am using thunderbird 0.7.3 under SuSE 9.1 and openldap under gentoo linux.

Is that a typo? Is your version of OpenLDAP *really*
I thought up-to-date packages were on of gentoo's strong points... =)
That is *ANCIENT*. Like running Windows 3.1 on your desktop machine.
Before you even consider asking the mailing-list for help,
I *strongly* suggest you upgrade to a more recent version, 2.2.17 or above.

Well it is not a typo, but I looked at the wrong place. This is the version number of slapd.conf :-(
gentoo version of openldap: 2.1.30-r2... hope this is more like Windows 2000 than 3.1 ;-)
Up-to-date packages is one of gentoo's strong points, but if a sysadmin does not update them, this is not worth much...