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Re: UpdateDN Noob Question

>* Gary.Blydenburgh@ftid.com <Gary.Blydenburgh@ftid.com> [1200 21:00]:
>> I am trying to setup a master/slave replication scenario and have run into
>> a road block.  Where is the password or "credentials" stored on the slave
>> PC, how does it know the value of "credentials"?
>It's a bind password for the DN specified as binddn in the directory,
>just like any other.

        Where is it defined, and what syntax is used.  I see an entry in /etc/ldap.conf called bindpw is that it?

>> --Master--
>> replogfile /var/lib/ldap/replica.log
>> replica                host=slpma1ldap02.intdata.com:389
>>                 binddn="cn=Replicator,dc=interactivedata,dc=com"
>>                         bindmethod=simple credentials=replicate
>> updatedn        "cn=Replicator,dc=interactivedata,dc=com"
>> updateref       ldap://slpma1ldap01.intdata.com
>> access to *
>>         by * read
>>         by dn="cn=Replicator,dc=interactivedata,dc=com" write
>>         by self write
>>         by dn="cn=Manager,dc=interactivedata,dc=com" write