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OpenLDAP as Slave for Netscape Directory Server


we have Netscape Directory Server (Verison 4.0)
running, 1 master and a few slaves.

I want to replace the slaves by OpenLDAP. The 
problem is that the first initialization (either
directly from the master or via ldif files) fails
due to "invalid value for attribute userCertificate".

The Netscape server didn't check the syntax and
allowed to upload whatever into this attribute.

Is there a way to bring the OpenLDAP slave to
accept (almost) everything as value for the attribute
userCertificate? (Disabled schemachecking is not enough.)

Has somebody else already expirience with using
OpenLDAP together with Netscape Directory Server?

Thanks in advance.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen / Best regards

 Enrico Sessler 

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