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Re: lots of write slowing down searches

Patrick Radtke wrote:


We have some software that occasionally likes to make lots of modifications and adds to OpenLDAP in a short amount of time (5 modification per sec for a period of 10 minutes).

When ever this happens all ldapsearches become very slow (servers handle about 16 searches per second normally). They take upwards of 2 seconds where previously the were taking 0.05s to answer requests. This causes us various problems with log-ins and email lookups.

We are running 2.1.30, but I ran tests on 2.2.19 and had the same issues.
we use lbdm as our backend and our indexes are for the standard stuff for unix accounts and groups

I understand that OpenLDAP is read optimized but I am wondering if switching to BDB would provide significantly better search speeds when writes are occurring (ie enough to solve the problem)?

Yes. back-bdb is literally thousdands of times better than back-ldbm in a scenario like this.

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