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Re: backing up openldap directory

Vince Taluskie wrote:

Yes, that's what I'm using now - but aren't you supposed to have the
slapd process down while doing that.   I'm assuming that is to guard
against having the 'backup image' in an inconsistent state from
information being changed in the directory.   I don't see this as a
major risk since except for once in a while useradds the write content
into the directory contains housekeeping info from our jetspeed
portal.  Nothing critical that would break the app if it was

I figured I'd ask the experts to see if there was a better way...


Since OpenLDAP release 2.1.4 it has been safe to run slapcat on back-bdb backends while slapd is running. If you're still using back-ldbm then yes, you must shutdown slapd first. But it would be smarter to ditch back-ldbm.

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