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Re: slapadd and attribute value length limit

Howard Chu wrote:
Jon Roberts wrote:
Would I need this many locks/lockers in a runtime scenario, or should I comment out those as well?

slapadd stores entries one at a time in the database, and back-bdb basically uses one transaction per entry. Within this one transaction, it will acquire locks for the entry itself and all of the indexing records that are needed to write the entry. If your indexing has generated so many records that you exhausted the default of 1000 locks, then I expect you will need many more locks in a runtime scenario. Of course, this assumes that you're adding/modifying entries like this at runtime. I.e., if it takes over 1000 locks to write just one entry, and if you have the possibility of writing two or more entries at runtime, then you will need far more locks at runtime.

I don't expect anybody to be adding verses to the gospel books ;), but if I do something similar with updatable data, it will be good to know. I generally avoid indexing longer attributes in OpenLDAP.

I strongly doubt that you needed to raise the max_lockers.

I'll try without next time. Thank you so much for your help.

Jon Roberts