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Re: syncrepl entryuuid index

> Dusty Doris wrote:
> >I have been testing syncrepl today on some lab machines using openldap
> >2.2.18.  I have found it to work well as soon as I set it up.  However, I
> >noticed the following in my logs whenever I added an entry to the master
> >server.
> >
> >>From the slave servers
> >slapd[15190]: <= bdb_equality_candidates: (entryUUID) index_param failed
> >(18)
> >
> >I searched the archives and found a similar issue posted before.  I went
> >ahead and added eq indexing to the entryUUID field and this stopped the
> >error, as suggested in the archives.
> >
> >Is this something that should be done when using syncrepl?  If so, I
> >thought about adding this to the FAQ at
> >http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/1117.html
> >
> >Just wanted to make sure that this is something that you should actually
> >do.
> >
> >
> Yes, it is definitely beneficial. I have considered adding code in
> OpenLDAP 2.3 that tries to force this by default, but it may just be
> better to document the suggestion.
> --

Thanks for the reply and I added something about it to that FAQ.

-Dusty Doris