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Re: Is it normal?

tor, 02.12.2004 kl. 14.44 skrev Quanah Gibson-Mount:


> > People *must* give OS and distro for reference, plus supporting
> > software.


> Perhaps, yet both Howard & I were able to trigger the memory & cache leaks 
> on both linux & solaris.  However, it was not easily triggered, and didn't 
> trigger consistently. 



> I'll note that OL 2.2.18 was released October 23rd, so it would also be 
> hard to have it up and running for "months". ;)

I didn't write that, you chose to read it. That's your prerogative -
just as long as everyone knows I didn't write it ;)

Everyone: Do please always report OS and distro plus supporting
software. Linux is not Linux, it's Debian, SuSE, Red Hat etc. and it has
a version (mine's RHAS/RHEL3). They're all as different from each other
as chalk is from cheese.

Solaris can be 7, 8 or 9. There's a tremendous difference between them


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