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Re: Openldap and multiples DNS updates (multimaster)

Hi Fabiano,

How are you planning to create the users for replication ?

Fabiano Felix <felix@getnet.com.br>
Sent by: owner-openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org

30-11-2004 13:58

Openldap and multiples DNS updates (multimaster)

Hi all,

I need to configure a biggest DNS setup, with ~40 domains that can't use the normal DNS master-slave process, because are many sites that can do a local update which should be replicated for all another nodes (without master-slave dependency).

I was wondering if is possible to provide it using openldap with multimaster support??? This directory will be used only for this function, I want to know some experiences using multimaster support...

(And if someone have another suggestion, it will be appreciated...)


Fabiano Felix