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Max connection exceded failover help.

I am using padl's  nss_ldap (226) with openldap 2.2.18 and bdb 4.2.
When I get somewhere over 1k connections, it is not failing over to the
second server automagically, it seems to be just refusing connection.

I believe the nss_ldap is linked against the solaris ldap libraries
(sol8), is this the problem or should i be looking elsewhere?

conn_max_pending to 1000 but im not even sure that is valid anymore.
(I didnt see it in the current manual but I may have missed it too.)

I cut the idletimeout to 30 seconds but I am not sure how long that will
stave off this problem.

I am good to go if i can get it to failover to the second server while
idley stands by.

Is there anything else I can do to make this work?


  Sean O'Malley, Information Technologist
  Michigan State University