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ldapclient on hpux 10.20

Hi all, 

I have problem bringing a ladpclient to work on hpux 10.20.

I should take the old 10.20 clients into ldap. I tried it with compiling the
2.2.18 release. As compiler I used the gcc 2.95.2. 
The problem now is, that the compilation don't work. The configure was done

CC=gcc ./configure --prefix=/opt/openldap --disable-ldbm --disable-slapd

it worked well..but there were a error while doing make depend.


the make depend error:                                                      
  Entering subdirectory clients
Making depend in /opt/apps/temp/openldap-2.2.18/clients
  Entering subdirectory tools
        ../../build/mkdep   -d "." -c "gcc" -m "-M" -I../../include       
-I../../include      ldapsearch.c ldapmodify.c ldapdelete.c ldapmodrdn.c 
ldappasswd.c ldapwhoami.c ldapcompare.c common.c

Entering subdirectory servers
Making depend in /opt/apps/temp/openldap-2.2.18/servers
  Entering subdirectory slapd
Make: line 512: syntax error.  Stop.
*** Error exit code 1
*** Error exit code 1


What did i do wrong?
Are there any precompiled binaries for the hpux 10.20?
what else can I do to bring ldapclient to work on a hpux 10.20 machine?

thanks for the help

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