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Re: LDAP and SSL

--On Sunday, November 28, 2004 1:28 PM -0500 Chasecreek Systemhouse <chasecreek.systemhouse@gmail.com> wrote:

Please excuse this newbie post.

I have read the docs at

After a weeks testing I still cannot understand why my LDAPS server
doesnt work.

My question is two parts --

1st, is there anyone on this list that can give me a better idea of
what to research to get it to work?  I have ldap:/// and ldapi:///
working -- but I only need ldaps:/// to work (over the public
Internet.)  I set -h "ldaps:///" in /etc/ldap/slapd.conf

2nd, is anyone on this list actually using LDAPS and would be willing
to show me a solution path.

Currently the LDAPS doesnt start and
          openssl rsa -in newcert.pem -text -noout
States that it cannot load the Private Key.

If the openssl command is having issues with your cert & key, then you have issues that go beyond the LDAP area, and you need to ask for help from the OpenSSL community.

As a note, I'd guess that either the path to your CA is missing, or the private key for your cert is not contained in the PEM file you are using.


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