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Re: [newbie question] - avoiding db corruption

Compile it from scratch. Most dists do not have the newest packages,
and Gentoo usually has the newest packages of any distro.


On Sun, 28 Nov 2004 15:13:03 +0000, samuele <enlargeyourlinux@yahoo.it> wrote:
> I run openldap-2.1.30 and bdb-4.1.25 on two gentoo-linux boxes with bdb
> backend, that i read from this ml is cause of db corruption.
> I was wondering about what is the best setup for avoiding db corruption.
> Initially i run bdb backend, but after reading faqs (and after a problem
> with
> my db) i switched to ldbm, that i have understood is slower but safer. But
> from faq i see that ldbm uses the same bdb api: the danger of corruption
> is the same as running bdb? What is the best solution with openldap 2.1.30?
> Updating to db-4.2.52_p2, recompiling openldap and using bdb backend?
> Unpdating to db-4.2.52_p2 and using ldbm backend? Turning off bdb
> support at compiling time and using gdbm instead and ldbm backend?
> I see from previous posts that the best is openldap 2.2.18 and db-4.2.52
> with
> patches, but my distro has only openldap-2.1.30 as latest stable package.
> Thanks to everyone.
> Regards,
> Samuele

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