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RE: OpenLDAP as an enterprise level LDAP provider

Thanks Howard.  I'll try a new build, but I have done it from scratch twice
and actually looked at the code to ensure the patches were applied.  I'll
also try a build with bdb4.3 and 2.2.18 with Quanah's patches.  

When do you think the 2.2.19 release will be available?  

John Fortin
PBG Middleware and Web Services
(914) 767-7844

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>Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 2004 3:25 PM
>To: Fortin, John {PBG}
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>Subject: Re: OpenLDAP as an enterprise level LDAP provider
>Your mailer is doing something weird with linebreaks, so this is a bit 
>tedious to answer...
>1) The patches are known to work, but it's possible that they did not 
>apply correctly on your source. The problem is known to be 
>fixed in BDB 
>4.3. The patches required to support BDB 4.3 are trivial. I've already 
>rolled them into the 2.2 release branch, so BDB 4.3 support should 
>appear in OpenLDAP 2.2.19. I personally am now using BDB 4.3 
>exclusively, and no longer run BDB 4.2.
>2) Yes, this is unfortunate. It seemed to be worth the 
>performance gain 
>at the time. We may revisit this in OpenLDAP 2.3 but we really can't 
>introduce a database format change at this stage of the 2.2 
>release. re: 
>slapadd/slapcat - it sounds like you haven't configured your BDB cache 
>correctly. On a 1GHz PIII with an old ATA66 hard drive and 768MB RAM I 
>can slapadd 300,000 entries (~360MB ldif) in 8 minutes (8:21) 
>with a few 
>indexes enabled, using a 512MB BDB cache. This is with 
>OpenLDAP 2.2 and 
>BDB 4.2, by the way. slapcat'ing the entire database (to /dev/null) 
>takes 1:40s. That's on 6 year old desktop hardware, a real 
>machine would do even better. You probably need to visit the 
>Fortin, John {PBG} wrote:
>> First of this, this message is = intended to open a discussion about 
>> using OpenLDAP in the = enterprise. I do not want to start a 
>flame war 
>> concerning the = pros and cons of various LDAP implementations. 
>> Currently we are using OpenLDAP as our = initial implementation for 
>> authentication and authorization with = Weblogic and other J2EE 
>> providers for our enterprise application. = Our initial rollout was 
>> successful, although we did not have a large = population of 
>users in 
>> the directory (<1000) Performance was = fine, and we had no 
>issue with 
>> loading data etc as the ldif files were = small. However, as we are 
>> now looking to roll = this out to a much larger population 
>(600K+) we 
>> are starting to run = into some issues, one of which I sent a note 
>> about recently. The = issues we are currently seeing, and could 
>> potentially be a show stopper = for us are as follows: 1) Log 
>> archiving and transactions - With the = current bdb and version of 
>> OpenLDAP (2.2.18), I cannot = archive/delete files without stopping 
>> slapd. This manifested = itself as we were testing bulk loading of 
>> data and consistently ran out = of log space. I have tested with the 
>> various patched suggested to = no avail. I have not tested with the 
>> newest version of bdb (4.3) = as I have no indication that 
>this fixes 
>> the issue. 2) The ability to backup data - Using the bdb utilities = 
>> (db_load and db_dump) do not work. It seems that this is based on = 
>> OpenLDAP using custom hashes in the creation of the configured 
>> indexes. = (This is based on some discussion I found in the 
>maillist = 
>> archives). The two workarounds that I am aware of, creating ldif = 
>> files with slapcat, and backing up the bdb files themselves so not 
>> seem = to be adequate for the following reasons: = slapadd - 
>with 600K 
>> users and no = indexes it takes about 2 hrs to load. The creation of 
>> indexes = afterwards with slapindex takes an additional 6-12 
>hours. To 
>> me, = this seems like too long of a time for recovery. = *.bdb file 
>> backup - we've had limited = success with this. There also 
>seems to be 
>> an issue, even after = doing a db_checkpoint and a db_recover of a 
>> dependency on logs = files. As we are looking to do a 'cold' 
>backup of 
>> our master ldap = directory, we do not want to be dependent on logs 
>> files. I have searched the archives quite a = bit looking 
>for similar 
>> issues with limited success. I know the = basics of how 
>OpenLDAP works 
>> and tuning of the system, but I am by no = means a guro in the 
>> internals. At this point, I am looking for = some direction 
>as to how 
>> to proceed. System: OS: RH ES 3.0 OpenLDAP 2.2.18 BDB 4.2.52 (with 
>> current = patches) Thanks!! --John John Fortin PBG 
>Middleware and Web 
>> = Services (914) 767-7844 
>  -- Howard Chu
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