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Re: How to execute a program after every change in the Directory?

Bruno Negrão wrote:

Hi all,

I want to execute a script every time my Directory changes, can someone give me a clue of a good practice for doing this?

The script will read the Directory searching for certain strings in the new entries.

You can write your own overlay, that sets appropriate handlers for write operations (add/delete/modify/modrdn and some extended operations). Overlays are supported by recent 2.2 and HEAD software. Or write a slapi that does the same. SLAPI is supported by late 2.2. and HEAD as well. A very rough solution for older releases is to proxy the real database behind a back-perl (preferred) or back-shell (deprecated because non thread-safe) that deals with write operations and leaves read operations untouched. This is going to yield poor performances, but should work fine for "fast" prototyping. The suggestions are in order of (decreasing) preference for me; others may see it differently.


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