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Re: OS suggestions

* Edward de Jongh <Edwardd@discovery.co.za> [1143 11:43]:
> Hi all I've been doing a POC OpenLDAP implementation in a dev environment
> using Debian as the OS. I know this is a very difficult question to answer
> as it is largely opinion based, but here goes. I want to know what you guys
> would recommend as the best/most bug free/easiest to maintain *nix distro as
> well as backend is? In other words what will be the most user friendly? 
> Any comments and or suggestions are appreciated as I am about to start a
> fully replicated environment setup and would obviously like it to go as
> smooth as possible.

I expect you're about to be told this is OT, but for my money I'd go for
FreeBSD, just because of its packaging system (portupgrade).
Also it's as fast as $EXPLETIVE, and the port maintainer keeps the openldap
ports up to date.

Debian apt should be ok though too (make sure you avoid redhat though, we
have a lot of them at work and they are a major pain in the arse to maintain).

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