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Re: Group/membership storage methods and traversal

Ali Safdar Kureishy wrote:

>I have a few questions about groups that I haven't been able to find
>in the archives and was hoping someone might have an idea ...
>1)  Is it legal to specify the dns of other groupOfNames or
>groupOfUniqueNames entries as members of an openLDAP group? (i.e. can
>we have nested groups?)
It's perfectly legal in the sense that groupOfName members must be legal
DNs regardless fo their meaning (no consistency is checked); however, no
recursion occurs.  You don't explain what's the purpose of having nested
groups; for instance, in access control (typical use of groups), the
only way to recurse nested groups that I'm aware of is by using the
"set" <who> option; see http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/1133.html
for details.

>2) Are there any openLDAP-specific APIs in JNDI (for example, Sun has
>a package that supports SUN DS groups etc.) to traverse groups (and
>nested groups, if applicable) to reach the terminal entries without
>explicitly doing the membership extraction in our code?
I'm not aware of any such API in any programming language/environment;
this by no means indicates that it doesn't exist.


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