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Re: ber_get_next: Assertion `0' failed.

2.1.25 is very outdated, and currently the entire 2.1 release is
considered historic.  It is very unlikely that you can get help about
this, and, in case the problem is fixed, there is no way a new release of
2.1 will occur.  I suggest that you upgrade to the latest stable version
of 2.2 and see if the problem can be reproduced.  In any case, to
understand what may have caused your problem more information is needed. 
The error you're indicating occurs deep insisde the lber library so there
is no clear indication of what may have caused it unless you can provide a
stack backtrace, which requires you to reproduce the problem inside a
debugger, or at least to gather a core dump.


> Hello,
> We have installed a back-meta OpenLDAP instance. We run version 2.1.25
> with Berkeley DB 4.2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 3.
> It has been working well so far. The meta instance crashed today with the
> following error
> slapd: io.c:701: ber_get_next: Assertion `0' failed

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