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Proxy Cache Overlay error: index out of bounds

I am in the process of attempting to upgrade a slapd-meta server to
openldap-2.2.17.  One of the chief reasons for the upgrade was to take
advantage of the Proxy Cache Overlay functionality.  Initial testing
has gone well, and I have managed to construct a number of working
attribute sets and cacheable templates.

Each of these attribute sets and maching cacheable templates were
configured and tested with only one attribute set in the slapd.conf
file at a time.  After I added any two of the attribute sets
everything still functioned as expected.  Then I added a third set and
the result was an error during startup:

Starting slapd: /usr/local/proxy-ldap/etc/openldap/slapd.conf; line
110 index out of bounds

Has anyone seen this error before? I've googled it and looked through
the Issue Tracking System with no results.   As I said, any
combination of two sets works fine but the addition of any third
functioning rule set seems to result in this error.  The build process
completed without a hitch.  Is there something I'm missing?

Redhat ES 3.0