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Re: [POT] PHP 'hangs' slapd (?!)

Quoting Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@bayour.com>:

>>>>>> "Pierangelo" == Pierangelo Masarati <ando@sys-net.it> writes:
>     Pierangelo> The report is a bit vague.  I suggest you run a
>     Pierangelo> non-stripped binary, and run gdb on it when it hangs
>     Pierangelo> to see where (and what stack strace with) it happens.
>     Pierangelo> Some trace of the operation initiated by PHP would
>     Pierangelo> also be of help.
> I'm no friend of gdb, but when it hangs, I break (Ctrl-C from within gdb)
> and get a backtrace:

Backtrace with non-stripped db4.2 libs:

----- s n i p -----
#0  0x4032f397 in sched_yield () from /lib/libc.so.6
#1  0x4002e7c4 in ldap_pvt_thread_yield () from /usr/lib/libldap_r-2.2.so.7
#2  0x4010795e in __os_yield_4002 (dbenv=0x0, usecs=10000) at ../dist/../os/os_spin.c:107
#3  0x4007d622 in __db_tas_mutex_lock_4002 (dbenv=0x81c87b0, mutexp=0x49367528) at ../dist/../mutex/mut_tas.c:169
#4  0x400f4b2c in __lock_get_internal (lt=0x81c8c80, locker=2147484154, flags=0, obj=0xbf5fe49c, lock_mode=DB_LOCK_WRITE, timeout=0,
    lock=0xbf5fe48c) at ../dist/../lock/lock.c:990
#5  0x400f3b22 in __lock_vec_4002 (dbenv=0x81c87b0, locker=2147484154, flags=0, list=0xbf5fe45c, nlist=2, elistp=0x0)
    at ../dist/../lock/lock.c:294
#6  0x400f39df in __lock_vec_pp_4002 (dbenv=0x81c87b0, locker=2147484154, flags=0, list=0xbf5fe45c, nlist=2, elistp=0x0)
    at ../dist/../lock/lock.c:240
#7  0x080c7866 in bdb_cache_entry_db_relock (env=0x81c87b0, locker=2147484154, ei=0x81cd910, rw=1, tryOnly=0, lock=0xbf5fe598)
    at /usr/src/openldap2.2-2.2.17/servers/slapd/back-bdb/cache.c:88
#8  0x080c84af in bdb_cache_modify (e=0x81d07e0, newAttrs=0x81d2c70, env=0x81c87b0, locker=2147484154, lock=0xbf5fe598)
    at /usr/src/openldap2.2-2.2.17/servers/slapd/back-bdb/cache.c:875
#9  0x080a759b in bdb_modify (op=0x81cd770, rs=0xbf5ff8d0) at /usr/src/openldap2.2-2.2.17/servers/slapd/back-bdb/modify.c:700
#10 0x08077559 in do_modify (op=0x81cd770, rs=0xbf5ff8d0) at /usr/src/openldap2.2-2.2.17/servers/slapd/modify.c:506
#11 0x080669a5 in connection_operation (ctx=0xbf5ff964, arg_v=0x81cd770) at /usr/src/openldap2.2-2.2.17/servers/slapd/connection.c:1069
#12 0x4002e036 in ldap_pvt_thread_pool_destroy () from /usr/lib/libldap_r-2.2.so.7
#13 0x402660ba in pthread_start_thread () from /lib/libpthread.so.0
#14 0x40266101 in pthread_start_thread_event () from /lib/libpthread.so.0
----- s n i p -----