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Re: Rerunning rejected replog fails (by design?)

Quanah Gibson-Mount wanted us to know:

>>>As for the issue you saw, all you need to do is move the reject pieces
>>>to a different directory, and then use slurpd in oneshot mode, rather
>>>than doing the 6 steps you did...
>>That may be true in 2.2, but back in 2.1 I had the same problem and
>>solved it by replacing the timestamp in the rej files with the current
>>time as output by `date +%s` on Linux.  That was AFTER I moved the
>>reject files to the /tmp directory and ran slurpd from there -- it still
>>went back to its "home" directory and read the slurpd.status file.
>Wow, how odd... I've never had that problem in 2.2 or 2.1... Although I 
>rarely get reject files, and generally they are because of timeouts, and 
>the changes were valid anyhow. ;)

I'll force a reject over the weekend and then try to add it both in the
replication directory and moving the reject file to a different
directory.  I'll post the results here with debug output.
Regards...		Todd
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