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Re: Replication Query

> What we've done is changed the Win2003 OS to LINUX hence now Master and
> Slave is on LINUX OS.
> We've installed the same version of the OpenLDAP ..... but the slave DB is
> still not updating it.
> We followed the steps mentioned in the admin guide... to no avail.
> Anyone out there, could u forward a working copy of yr slapd.conf for
> Master
> and Slave ?
> Do we need to add anything into the ldap.conf ? What we've done is pLace
> the
> host variable only.

If you need a definitely working example, use that of test007, i.e.

$ cd tests/
$ ./run test007

then look at testrun/slapd.1.conf for the master and at
testrun/slapd.2.conf for the slave.  I'm pretty sure you won'f find there
anything that's not in the guide, though.

No, you don't need to look at ldap.conf, that's only for clients, and it
is not even mandatory since command-line args override those of ldap.conf.


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