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Selecting matching rule for compare operation?

Maybe I'm missing something, but (unless the compare operation is to be considered obsolete) there's a need for flexibility in performing comparisons, e.g. a mech to select appropriate matching rules when asserting values.

Scenario: want to know if a server supports a certain control; supportedControl doesn't define an EQUALITY rule; however, it's syntax is OID.

Quick'n'(not so)dirty: ldapsearch -b "" -s base "(supportedControl:objectIdentifierMatch:=<OID>)" # if exactly one entry is returned, the DSA supports the control

Clean (would be) solution: ldapcompare "" "supportedControl/objectIdentifierMatch:<OID>" # compareTrue if value exists according to specified matchingRule

Is there a better/more rfc-compliant way (other than defining an EQUALITY rule for that attribute)?


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