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Re: RES: Newbie question on client Auth and SSL

--On Friday, October 29, 2004 4:12 PM -0200 Bruno Di Rei Araujo <BrunoA@calu.com.br> wrote:


Maybe I expressed myself in a wrong way. With "binding" I mean "user".
So, what I'm trying is to ldapsearch from a remote host (i.e. client) and
to authenticate squid (using pam_auth). The commands on the remote host

# pam_auth -n squid_ldap   ----- In this case, the user were "Anonymous"
# (as
far as I can tell)

# ldapsearch -Uadriela -b "dc=calu,dc=com,dc=br" "(uid=adriela)" ^^^^^^^ --- Now, this (adriela) is the user. I'm trying to search it own entry

I think you misunderstand how to connect to the directory server in this case. If you don't have SASL set up, you would probably get more success with something like:

ldapsearch -x -D"uid=adriela,dc=calu,dc=com,dc=br" -w <password> -b"dc=calu,dc=com,dc=br" uid=adriela

-x will perform a simple bind in this case (No SASL)

removing the -x will perform a SASL bind.

The -D flag I supplied is likely wrong, since I don't know how your directory tree is laid out.


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