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Re: [Off-Topic reply] RE: More how to's ?

The FAQ is a good place to list such stuff... assuming
its current (some of the references look a bit dated).
(The FAQ is interactive.)

I also suggest that FAQ entries for any particular of
non-OpenLDAP software include reference to established,
specific mailing lists support that software.  If no
such list exists, than an appropriate general LDAP

Thanks, Kurt

At 07:37 PM 10/28/2004, Tay, Gary wrote:
>Besides the OpenLDAP FAQ http://www.openldap.org/faq/ which has many
>resources specific to OpenLDAP, more...
>Books/Ref Manuals:
>Turbo's HOWTO has many info including IMAP/POP3
>Michael Clark's LDAP presentation slides has some info for IMAP/POP3:
>Standford Univ. OpenLDAP info page:
>YoLinux's HOWTO (many screen shots)
>Jose's HOWTO
>Diego's HOWTO (SASL Bind+TLS+Kerberos with GSSAPI/DIGEST-MD5, use slurpd
>for replication) has many info including Samba
>My HOWTO (simple bind+TLS, no SASL, no Kerberos, own replication script)
>has some info and other links:
>Disclaimer: may contain "rubbish" as I am still a learner.
>LDAP Auth with Apache 1.X and 2.X (mod_auth_ldap)
>Apache 1.X:
>Apache 2.X:
>How to use stunnel to provide SSL/TLS to an LDAP V2 server
>JumpStart and LDAP
>Solaris 8 client with Novell eDiectory LDAP
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>Subject: More how to's ?
>        I am currently looking into LDAP as a means for our
>methods. We need to provide an authentication method for a large amount 
>of users (10,000 plus).
>At the moment one use would be for e-mail, we are setting up a large 
>amount of IMAP servers and would like a centralized authentication
>I have downloaded the OpenLDAP 2.2 Administrator's Guide and am 
>currently reading it.
>Put I have some out standing questions, if there is any other 
>documentation I should be reading could you please provide a link or 
>document name.
>1. Mail store directory ?
>        With LDAP I understand that a user can authenticate their POP3 /
>connection if the IMAP / POP3 server supports LDAP as a method. Would a 
>LDAP entry / setting also provide the directory / location of the users 
>mailbox store ?
>2. Is there a limit to the number of "Organization" that a LDAP server 
>can have ? The one example in the documentation is "dc=example,dc=com" 
>with a Organizational Unit of "ou=People".
>        Could I create a Organization for each domain we have on a
>single LDAP 
>server ? I would assume yes.
>Thanks -- again any more documentation that you can point my way would 
>be great.
>Michael Gale
>Lan Administrator
>Utilitran Corp.
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>and raving.