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Re: central database on one server, 'dislocated' servers in many cities

> Howard Chu wrote:
>> My mistake, the chaining overlay has not been released in OpenLDAP 2.2.
>> It is in CVS HEAD though. Basically it uses back-ldap to make slapd
>> chase referrals that the underlying database would otherwise try to send
>> to the client. As such, you should first read the slapd-ldap(5) manpage
>> and then have a look at this message:
>> http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-devel/200306/msg00041.html
>> You will also need a good understanding of Proxy Authorization, as
>> described in the 2.2 Admin Guide.
> Unfortunately, I can't compile it:
> ./configure --enable-ldbm --enable-overlays --enable-slurpd --enable-ldap
> make depend
> make
> blber/.libs/liblber.a liboverlays.a -ldb-4.2 -lsasl2 -lssl -lcrypto
> -lresolv
> daemon.o(.text+0xf5a): In function `slap_open_listener':
> /home/tch/Desktop/sambaldap/cvs/ldap/servers/slapd/daemon.c:727:
> warning: `sys_errlist' is deprecated; use `strerror' or `strerror_r'
> instead
> daemon.o(.text+0xf4d):/home/tch/Desktop/sambaldap/cvs/ldap/servers/slapd/daemon.c:727:
> warning: `sys_nerr' is deprecated; use `strerror' or `strerror_r' instead
> liboverlays.a(ppolicy.o)(.text+0x916): In function
> `check_password_quality':
> /home/tch/Desktop/sambaldap/cvs/ldap/servers/slapd/overlays/ppolicy.c:494:
> undefined reference to `lt_dlopen'
> liboverlays.a(ppolicy.o)(.text+0x934):/home/tch/Desktop/sambaldap/cvs/ldap/servers/slapd/overlays/ppolicy.c:504:
> undefined reference to `lt_dlsym'
> liboverlays.a(ppolicy.o)(.text+0x9b8):/home/tch/Desktop/sambaldap/cvs/ldap/servers/slapd/overlays/ppolicy.c:526:
> undefined reference to `lt_dlclose'
> liboverlays.a(ppolicy.o)(.text+0xa53):/home/tch/Desktop/sambaldap/cvs/ldap/servers/slapd/overlays/ppolicy.c:495:
> undefined reference to `lt_dlerror'
> liboverlays.a(ppolicy.o)(.text+0xa92):/home/tch/Desktop/sambaldap/cvs/ldap/servers/slapd/overlays/ppolicy.c:505:
> undefined reference to `lt_dlerror'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> make[2]: *** [slapd] Error 1
> make[2]: Leaving directory
> `/home/tch/Desktop/sambaldap/cvs/ldap/servers/slapd'
> make[1]: *** [all-common] Error 1
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/tch/Desktop/sambaldap/cvs/ldap/servers'
> make: *** [all-common] Error 1

you need to either:

1) enable static overlays only; I guess ppolicy is only dynamic, so it
does not compile if dynamic modules are not enabled.

2) --enable-modules so that whatever run-time loading mechanism is
available on your platform (if any) is used, and ppolicy can be compiled.

In some sense, it looks like a configuration bug, since the dependency of
--enable-overlays with --enable-modules for those overlays that can only
be built as run-time loadable is not detected.
It's up to you to decide whether you better live with all existing
overlays built (--enable-overlays) but with --enable-modules as well, or
if you prefer to build only what's strictly required (e.g. chain overlay
staticlaly built into slapd).


Pierangelo Masarati

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