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write only referrals - possible?

In my case, I use OpenLDAP for Samba authentication and would like to use one central OpenLDAP server for storing usernames and their passwords for all office branches - from central server they would be replicated to all slaves in branch offices.

Sounds very easy, but I would like to allow users to change their passwords, without having them to drive to where the central server is :)

The whole process should look like below - taken from chapter 13.1 of Admin's Guide:

1. The LDAP client submits an LDAP modify operation to the slave slapd.

2. The slave slapd returns a referral to the LDAP client referring the client to the master slapd.

3. The LDAP client submits the LDAP modify operation to the master slapd.

4. The master slapd performs the modify operation, writes out the change to its replication log file and returns a success code to the client.

Does it mean that it is possible to construct a "write only" referral?

For example, I would like to have a write-only referral (reading should be done from a slave) for:


and from there, only attributes "sambaLMPassword" and "sambaNTPassword".

Is it possible? If so, how?