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Re: Replication Query

See this FAQ article (among others)


Up to date binaries for Linux, Windows, and many other platforms are also available from www.symas.com

Tay, Gary wrote:

To compile OpenLDAP source on Windows XP/2K/2K3 u would need RedHat
CYGWIN with gcc compiler selected at least.

I suggest u use Linux machines for both your MASTER and SLAVE, most
OpenSource compilations are done on Linux/UNIX.


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On Thu, 28 Oct 2004, Sivasakthi wrote:

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I would like to give it a go by compiling it on my own.
I've downloaded openldap-stable-20040923.tgz and have expanded it into

directory d:\openldap2217 into windows env.... what are the tools i need to have ? could u guide me....i'm sorry i don't have the time to read the manual, i hope u could guide me here ? could u help me ?
if u could guide me to compile one for RedHat Linux and one for
Win2003...would be lovely.

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