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Re: ldapadd: update failed: - Server Migration

--On Wednesday, October 27, 2004 9:33 PM -0400 Albert Whale <aewhale@ABS-CompTech.com> wrote:

Howard Chu wrote:


"no structuralObjectclass operational attribute" means the
"structuralObjectclass" operational attribute was not found in the
provided entry. How can you possibly misinterpret this statement to
mean what you state above?

It means that this slapd thinks it's a slave server. That's the price
you pay for defining rootdn and updatedn to be the same, despite the
documentation telling you not to. Since it appears that it was not
intended to make the new server a slave, the updatedn directive should
simply be removed from the new slapd.conf.

Thank you.

This resolved the problem

Now if we can fix the documentation.

Err? The documentation already tells you not to do that. You didn't read the documentation correctly.


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