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Re: ldapsearch & integerBitAndMatch

On Wed, 2004-10-27 at 14:59, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
> At 11:16 AM 10/27/2004, Matthew J. Smith wrote:
> >Using the ldapsearch from 2.2.6,
> 2.2.6 is old.  You should consider updating to at least
> the latest stable release.
> >Is there some other syntax I can use to perform a "integerBitAndMatch"
> >search against my Active Directory?
> That's a question better asked on a forum about MS Active
> Directory.  See <http://support.microsoft.com/newsgroups/> for
> some possibilities.
> >I believe this is a problem with ldapsearch, not Active Directory.
> Why?

Based on some googling, this filter syntax is correct, and AD works fine
for other filters.  AD seems to be behaving correctly.  JNDI using the
same syntax also seems to work.  Perl's Net::LDAP (.29) seems to have
problems with it, though.

But, sure enough, I got access to a box with ldapsearch from 2.2.15, and
this works fine.  So, it is a 'bug' in ldapsearch from 2.2.6, and the
usual "update to latest version" recommendation works.  Too bad most
Linux distros don't seem to keep their packages up to date.

Thanks Kurt,

Matthew J. Smith <matt.smith@uconn.edu>
University of Connecticut ITS
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