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Openldap Digest-md5 and samba

Hi list,

I am running samba-server-3.0.6-4.1.100mdk,  openldap-servers-2.1.25-6mdk,

Has anyone got samba clients to authenticate against openldap with digest-md5?

everything else works fine(ssh, smtp-auth, etc), but I don't know how to get samba clients to authenticate. I have read all the available doco but they don't use digest-md5. I have tried using the sasl2-ntlm plug but that screws up my digest-md5. has anyone here successfully got this combo working?

do I need the sasl ntlm plug? How do you setup the slapd.conf file to handle both digest-md5 and ntlm if you do? Any hints/directions would be very handy.



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