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Re: Getting group sAMAccountName lists

This question is seems to be very specific to MS Active Directory since the most helpful answer is AD-specific. You should ask in an appropriate AD forum, e.g. the MS news groups (probably how to use the user entry attribute 'memberOf' ;-).

Ciao, Michael.

Ian Barnes wrote:
> I am trying to get a list of users sAMAccountNames of users in specified
> groups. The group that im searching for here is Managers. And it contains
> 2 users.
> Here is my current query. It returns the full information of the users.
> The string i searched for is:
> ldapsearch -h -D Administrator@2003.my.host -w 'mypassword' -b
> "cn=Users,dc=2003,dc=my,dc=host" '(cn=Managers)' member
> which returned the following:
> CN=Managers,CN=Users,DC=2003,DC=my,DC=host member=CN=Joe
> Somebody,CN=Users,DC=2003,DC=my,DC=host member=CN=Dave
> Blakey,CN=Users,DC=2003,DC=my,DC=host
> I then have todo another query to get the users sAMAccountName which is
> what i need.
> How could I do one query to return only a list of the sAMAccountNames of
> all the users in that group? Or isnt that possible ?
> Thanks alot, Ian