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Re: custom logon script


you're absolutely right: im really confused about what list i have to
use. and i also gave few info about my setup.
but thanks a lot for your hints, that really helped me! pam_script i
just was i was looking for, so i will not bother you again :)

by the way, it was a pure linux environment with linux clients attacking
a linux ldap server :)

see you!

àngel bosch
software is like sex
is better when its free
--- Begin Message --- angel bosch wrote:

i got a ldap server authenticating several lan clients.
i want a way to execute some tasks wide over all machines wiht a script,
just like logon bat on a windowsNT environment. i think a good idea will
be creating a custom schema attribute but im not really sure about it.
is this a good idea to perform such operation?

I don't think this has anything to do with openldap itself, so please consider another list. You don't say what your clients are running or how they are authenticating, so it's almost impossible to point you at a mailing list that covers this (but this one does not).

If I were to guess you are using pam_ldap on linux, I would suggest you search on freshmeat for pam modules, I believe there is one called pam_script. Then again, some tasks may be accomplished by other means, ie abusing your shell, your display manager etc etc. or other pam modules such as pam_mount.

But, please do not continue this thread here.


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