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Re: Install OpenLDAP with BerkeleyDB

Rupert Jones wrote:
Hi there,

I'm not sure this is the right location on the list or not, so sorry if it isn't.

I'm trying to install OpenLDAP on a Linux based server (a strange flavour developed by my ISP).
I successfully installed the latest version of BerkeleyDB (v4.2) from the SleepyCat website. However, when I try to run the ./configure command for OpenLDAP, it gets to checking BerkeleyDB version, and then reports a version mismatch error.
I noted on the OpenLDAP website that OpenLDAP uses v4.1. This isn't the problem, is it?

(and yes, I tried specifying alternative CPP and LD link directories, but got the same results)

Can anyone help me, please?

Previous posters with the same question got helped .. please search the archives to see the answers they got.
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