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replication - master and slave at one time - possible?


This post is a continuation of "central database on one server, "dislocated" servers in many cities", which I posted on 26.10.04.

Is such scenario possible - there are two (or more) OpenLDAP servers, and each of them is both master and slave to each other?

I have that situation:

Employees travel a lot between branches with their laptops.
And so there are:

1) central user/password database in LDAP (master),
2) many branch offices - divided by slow WAN - and thus each also have the same central user database in LDAP (slaves get data from master in point 1).

But as users would like to change their passwords, they would have to change their passwords in their respective branch offices (to avoid slow WAN).
And because of that, there is a switch of roles, slave becomes master, and master becomes slave:

a) user updates password in a branch office (over LAN) - now branch office is a master
b) password is transferred to the central user/password database (over WAN) - central database is slave now
c) password is transferred to all branch offices (over WAN) - they were slaves, and still are.

Wouldn't this "each server is a master and slave at one time" cause some terrible loops and never-ending changes?

Is it a good solution? Or what should I use in this situation?