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Re: Conversion of DIGEST to LDAP

Howard Chu wrote:

Keith Hofer wrote:

This may be a simple question but I have exhausted google with no luck.

Is it possible for DIGEST authentication to be converted to LDAP authentication so that OpenLDAP can understand a request and return the desired response? I.e. Successful login.

I have more details on my scenario if that is need but in essence it comes down to the above question.


This question makes no sense; perhaps you should describe exactly what software you are trying to use that needs whatever authentication step you're talking about.

OpenLDAP can support DIGEST-MD5 authentication when used with Cyrus SASL.

I'm using a Network Access Client (which is in itself a SIP Server) that handles DIGEST-MD5 requests to from SIP clients to itself. It then proxies the DIGEST-MD5 requests onto a Radius server (FreeRadius) and I want to pass on the DIGEST-MD5 into an OpenLDAP server to read from my LDAP user database. Therefore accomplishing having one authentication database and not two. Freeradius and OpenLdap are on the same box but I would eventually like to integrate the Freeradius into the LDAP module in Active Dircetory but that is another saga not for now.