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Re: OpenLDAP 2.2.18 Build Error

At a guess, you have an older LDAP installation in /opt/dsa and it's picking up the old ldap.h instead of the current one. You should not put include paths in CFLAGS.

Adam Tauno WIlliams wrote:

export CPPFLAGS="-I/opt/dsa/include"
export CFLAGS="-I/opt/dsa/include"
export LDFLAGS="-L/opt/dsa/lib"
./configure --prefix=/opt/dsa --disable-ipv6 --with-cyrus-sasl --with-kerberos --with-tls --enable-monitor --enable-dynamic --enable-phonetic --enable-slapd --enable-spasswd --enable-rlookups --enable-hdb --with-dyngroup=yes --with-proxycache=yes --enable-bdb
make depend

Entering subdirectory liblunicode
make[2]: Entering directory `/home/awilliam/tmp/openldap-2.2.18/libraries/liblunicode'
make[2]: Nothing to be done for `all'.
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/awilliam/tmp/openldap-2.2.18/libraries/liblunicode'
Entering subdirectory libldap
make[2]: Entering directory `/home/awilliam/tmp/openldap-2.2.18/libraries/libldap'
/bin/sh /home/awilliam/tmp/openldap-2.2.18/libtool --mode=compile cc -I/opt/dsa/include -I../../include -I../../include -I/opt/dsa/include -DLDAP_LIBRARY -c extended.c
rm -f .libs/extended.lo
cc -I/opt/dsa/include -I../../include -I../../include -I/opt/dsa/include -DLDAP_LIBRARY -c extended.c -fPIC -DPIC -o .libs/extended.lo
extended.c: In function `ldap_parse_intermediate':
extended.c:362: error: `LDAP_TAG_IM_RES_OID' undeclared (first use in this function)
extended.c:362: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
extended.c:362: error: for each function it appears in.)
extended.c:373: error: `LDAP_TAG_IM_RES_VALUE' undeclared (first use in this function)
make[2]: *** [extended.lo] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/awilliam/tmp/openldap-2.2.18/libraries/libldap'
make[1]: *** [all-common] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/awilliam/tmp/openldap-2.2.18/libraries'
make: *** [all-common] Error 1

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