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Attribute Values in LDAP URLs?

Is it possible to specify attributes' values, or default values, in an LDAP URL?

Our problem is a tool which requires certain specific attributes, but which takes as input LDAP URLs, & unfortunately our database doesn't contain all the necessary attributes. We could, however, provide attributes' values as input, if the LDAP URL syntax allowed us. For instance, to provide the dlzTTL attribute, which our database doesn't contain, we could use an URL like this:

ldap://,dc=lat?dlzTTL=604800,dlzType,dlzData?sub? (&(dlzZoneName=%zone%)(dlzHostName=%host%))

It's true that in this case, we could suffer the inconvenience of adding this static attribute to every record in the database. However, this tool also rewrites URLs with certain dynamic information (%type%, %zone%, & %host%) which we would like an attribute to contain, but which we obviously couldn't store in our database:

ldap://,dc=lat? dlzTTL=604800,dlzType=%type%,dlz%type%Data?sub? (&(dlzZoneName=%zone%)(dlzHostName=%host%))

Any suggestions? Feedback very much appreciated!