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RE: BerkleyDB missing, re-iterate my previous suggestion that INSTALL could be further improved to give common ./configure examples

I believe:

1) many people read the INSTALL text file more than the Mail List and FAQ.
2) many people come to the Mail List for help, after finding no more clues in INSTALL and doc/install/configure text file, and persistently igonore the call to read FAQ as stated in the INSTALL file
3) BDB and OpenSSL related issues are the most common, the top two, may be "BDB version mismatch" and "BDB missing", so ./configure examples for these two will help.
4) OpenLDAP will project a better "quality" image by having "just a few common ./configure examples for various UNIX/Linux" in the INSTALL (or README, or something like README.soloris, README.linux,...)
5) OpenLDAP Mail List will benefit from having lesser hits by this type of issues, and we have lesser emails to reply

I have suggested to Kurt and do not mind to re-iterate this suggestion: to include some commonly used ./configure examples in INSTALL or README* files.

I do not think my idea is anything new, some other opensource distributions have quoted examples in INSTALL or README file, and that obviously helps everyone.

Please ignore my request if it is rubbish.


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ons, 20.10.2004 kl. 21.15 skrev Tobias Kölling:

> I've installed BerkleyDB on a Linux Machine.
> Now,  when I run the configure-Script of OpenLDAP, I get the message 
> checking for db.h ... no
> configure: error: BDB: BerkleyDB not available.

What BDB, what Linux, what Openldap?

Did you consult the Internet, or the Openldap mailing list archives, where this has been answered many, many times and solutions found  (at least 100) during the last few years?


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