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Re: BDB Corruption...

Matthew J. Smith wrote:

I agree with the oft given advice on the list: it is often better to
avoid the distro's packaged OpenLDAP, and compile your own. However, I
would *strongly* recommend using /some/ package method (RPM, APT, Stow,
even ./configure --prefix=/some/isolated/location) when you compile your
own --

that is the purpose of a relocatable source RPM ! build it on your own, and install it in the prefix of your choice, it allows you to run different versions of openldap in the same machine as well -> good for tests !
here's mine:

this will ease the upgrade pain, and make future deployments
easier.  Plus, if your distro of choice does ever package a 'modern'
version (any distro packaging 2.2.17 yet??), it will be simpler to
migrate if you so choose.

Good luck to all you custom-rollers out there!