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Re: Problems with openldap-2.2.17

ons, 20.10.2004 kl. 01.58 skrev Jason Cox:

>             I am in need of help with openldap. I have had flawless
> operation from a previous version 2.0. ( Mandrake 9.1 ) for a year. I may
> have blundered by copying the database from one version to another. Openldap
> fired up and uses the file, but when I use gq or directory_administrator to
> maintain the database , ldap doesn't take the modifications and bombs out
> with "no structuralObjectClass operational attribute". As I have tried all
> that I can think of, can someone help me?

As Dave pointed out, you can't just copy a database from 2.0 to 2.2. You
can't even do a slapcat/slapadd without a major vi/sed operation.

This is a *major* README operation. You have to read up on, and become
expert in:

- installing and configuring BDB 4.2.52 w/2 patches
- the new man pages - there are many, many changes, many differences
- the 2.2 admin guide

You have chosen to adopt a major upgrade. At least read the docs on it
and the mailing list archives and FAQs on the subject before asking for
any help. Then come back and ask for help on what you did not understand
in them, giving examples. It'll take you a couple of weeks at least,
with trials.


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