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Re: Problems with openldap-2.2.17

On Wed, 20 Oct 2004, Jason Cox wrote:

>             I am in need of help with openldap. I have had flawless
> operation from a previous version 2.0. ( Mandrake 9.1 ) for a year. I may
> have blundered by copying the database from one version to another. Openldap
> fired up and uses the file, but when I use gq or directory_administrator to
> maintain the database , ldap doesn't take the modifications and bombs out
> with "no structuralObjectClass operational attribute". As I have tried all
> that I can think of, can someone help me?

If you're saying that you somehow imported a 2.0 directory into 2.2, then
it's guaranteed not to work, as a lot of attributes that were ignored by
2.0 are now strictly enforced.

I have a Perl script that massages a 2.0 LDIF file into 2.1 (don't know
how it works with 2.2) but you'll need to customise it somewhat.


It keeps things in-core, so may not work on humungous directories.  There
is support for tied dbms, but I couldn't get it to work.

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