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RE: small problem building 2.2.17 with BerkeleyDB.4.2

LD_LIBRARY_PATH is specific to Solaris. "vi /etc/ld.so.conf; ldconfig" is the RedHat equivalent."man ldconfig" for more info.
I think there were past discussions on "BDB version mismatch" issue in the MailList and FAQ that Alex could search.

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	Subject: Re: small problem building 2.2.17 with BerkeleyDB.4.2

	Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
	> You didn't check the real cause of your problem in config.log, did you?  I
	> suspect you also need to set CPFLAGS=-I<path to berkeley headers>; also,
	> the library paths uually go in LDFLAGS; I don't know where LDPATH comes
	> from, maybe I'm missing something...
	It should be LD_LIBRARY_PATH, since in 2.2.x, configure tries to run the
	compiled program (IIRC in 2.1.x it did just tried to link it).
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