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Questions about OpenLDAP2.2~ release


I've read the administration guide. 
Here questions about OpenLDAP2.2~ release.

In section "14. LDAP Sync Replication": 
While slapd (8) can function as the LDAP Sync provider only when it is configured 
with either back-bdb or back-hdb backend, the syncrepl engine, which is a 
consumer-side replication engine, can work with any backends.
Does this mean function "LDAP Syncrep" only can be applied with back-bdb/back-hdb? 
It cannot be supported with other backends? (For example, back-sql and etc.)

In section "15. The Proxy Cache Engine", also it wrote:
The <DB> parameter specifies which underlying database is to be used to hold cached 
entries. It should be set to bdb, hdb, or ldbm.
Does this mean function "Proxy Cache" only can be executed on back-bdb/hdb/ldbm?
It cannot be supported with other backends? 

If the answer is "yes", about the following new functions of 2.2~ version, are there 
other items only can be applied with back-bdb/hdb/ldb?
"LDAP Sync"-based lightweight replication
Proxy Cache Support
Hierarchical Backend
NS-SLAPI Support
Backend Layering
Access Control extensions including dynamic group support
LDAPv3 extensions:
	ACID extensions
	Cancel Operation
	Content Synchronization Operation
	DIT Content Rules
	Duplicate Entry Extension
	Simple Paged Results Extension
	Proxy Authorization Extension

Best regards.
 Zhang Pu zhang@fjh.fujitsu.com