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On Sun, 2004-10-17 at 12:08, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> søn, 17.10.2004 kl. 15.01 skrev Kevin:
> > BTW, are the regular expressions of sasl-regexp PCREs or one of the
> > other flavors of REs?
> They're supposed to be Posix regexps, but I've never seen the whole
> Posix syntax subset implemented for them, so I don't know if that would
> work in practice ([[:space:]], etc). Try \s instead of [[:space:]], and
> you'll see if it does :)

Well, according to Jeffrey Friedl in ORA's _Mastering Regular
Expressions_, none of the regexp implementations (egrep, emacs, perl,
.NET, etc.) is fully compliant with the POSIX standard (and I guess your
comment here tells me that OpenLDAP implements its own).  But that said,
I guess it's unlikely that I'll be crafting a RE of such sophistication
and subtlety that I'll expose any of those non-compliancies. ;-)

Thanks, Tonni.