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Kevin <openldap@gnosys.biz> writes:

> Hi List-

> But now I'm wondering about a general sasl-regexp that would start with
> the email address (in this case, "userone@asciolla.com") and break it
> into username (in this case, "userone") as one variable ("$1"), first
> domain component ("asciolla") as another ("$2"), and second domain
> component ("com") as a third variable ("$3") to give me a generalized
> regular expression that I could use to create an ldap search expression
> that I could use to search through the directory with many virtual
> domains, but where I wouldn't need to hard-code the domain components of
> each virtual domain in the search expression as I did here.

As far As I know, there is now way top break a hardcoded e-mail adress
into several variales, but you may want to read
In particular the subsection 'More on sets and how they can be ...' 
which describes search sets to be used in conjunction with virtual


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